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“Cappellini’s Heroes”, till the end of September, London.

Cappellini Clerkenwell showroom, 150 St. Jonh Street - London EC1V4UD - T 0207 0145980
Since its beginning, Cappellini has always been one of the most beloved brands; well-known people from the fashion world and show-business love its pop products which are considered contemporary evergreens.

“Cappellini Heroes” is an exhibition that will bring together a large number of projects with the aim of recounting the company’s more representative results, an “ideal assortment” of Cappellini products, from the “historical” icons produced at the turn of the eighties and nineties, to the newer products such as the 2012 collection. A time-based, geographic journey that tells the stories of the designers involved, brings us from the rigors of the Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata to the playfulness of the French brothers Bouroullec.

Giulio Cappellini, with his open minded and curious approach that has led him to explore very different cultures, materials and solutions, is the proponent of the brand’s success. A genial and dandy character, he is always ahead of the trends thanks to his strong understanding of design. He has proved to be a formidable talent scout: many young designers who carried out their first projects with Cappellini have since gone on to become internationally renowned figures, real “heroes”.

A student of the “Maestri” of architecture and an undisputed protagonist of the years that saw the emergence and supremacy of Italian design, Giulio Cappellini has always been able to intuit the needs of the audience of the future. In its 60 years of activity, Cappellini has created products that can be used in real houses around the world; products which are universally appreciated and recognized as carriers of a transversal culture that relates to the world’s tastes that from the outside seem to be extremely different. Indisputable icons that still continue to become part of the permanent collections of major museums of art and design around the world, as well as the public’s collective imagination.

The company’s path aims towards building upon this idea: in his frequent trips Giulio Cappellini takes every opportunity to meet young designers, go to fairs and schools and to evaluate innovative materials and technical solutions that are proposed to him each and every time. The future of Cappellini can only surprise us with new products and initiatives

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Cappellini Clerkenwell showroom, 150 St. Jonh Street - London, EC1V 4UD
From Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday closed.