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The first Cappellini showflat in Beijing

"I wanted to create a contemporary home features pieces of high design where colors and materials are warm and welcoming." So Giulio Cappellini tells the vein of inspiration that drove him in designing the interior of the sample apartment developed by Easy Home in Beijing. A project of investment of six new luxury apartments for one of which Giulio Cappellini was commissioned to study the atmosphere and the interior styling. The "sample" apartment measuring 150 square meters is going to be presented to the press and investors with an impressive event in the coming days. "The dominant colors are beige declined in various shades with touches of red and blue" continues Giulio Cappellini, a rational home, designed for young people who live in apartments in the center of cities across the world. Iconic pieces of the collection Cappellini, designed by the leading designers of international repute, is mixed into a alternation of simple geometrical shapes and organic forms.”