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Jeremyville exhibits at Cappellini in New York

The Cappellini showroom in New York is currently showing the exhibition "Fragments of the Apocalypse sculptures" by the well-known Australian artist Jeremyville. One of the most important pop artists and illustrators on the international scene, Jeremyville is the author of comics, paintings, clothes, accessories and even a real phenomenon in the world of art toys: funny games and toys, always very humorous and often irreverent, produced on an industrial scale. Jeremyville’s characters are born from his emotions, whether of sadness or euphoria, the first toy he made in 1995 is called "Space Puppy", and thus he can rightly be referred to as the inventor and pioneer of the entire genre. The Cappellini showroom in Soho is now showing a special collection of real sculptures made entirely from natural wood without the use of colour. Jeremyville has active collaborations with leading international brands such as MTV, Converse, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Swatch and many others.