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Marcel Wanders “Pinned Up” at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

On February 1, 2014, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam opened the doors of the Marcel Wanders exhibition Pinned Up at the Stedelijk 25 Years of Design which is open until June 15, 2014. As one of the world’s most distinguished designers, Marcel Wanders is internationally renowned for his product, furniture and interior designs and original art direction. First discovered by Giulio Cappellini, Wanders’ collaboration with the company is still thriving and offers new 2014 products. The exhibition showcases weird, wild and wonderful designs from Marcel’s entire oeuvre, dating from the late 1980s to the present and includes many Cappellini products such as Big Shadow lamps. Over 400 pieces will be on display in a monumental gallery space of 1,300 square meters (4,200+ square feet): Italian furniture, interior layouts, lamps, utensils, cutlery, wallpaper, packaging, jewelry, original sketches, prototypes, experimental work, virtual interiors and fantastic digital creations. Marcel Wanders debuted on the world stage in 1996 with his breakthrough Knotted Chair project, which was then produced by Cappellini.