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Showrooms on the new Cappellini website

The Cappellini showrooms represent the ideal Cappellini home where iconic products, container systems and accessories recreate an environment that speaks the brand’s language. Now they have a dedicated area on the new Cappellini web site: a page that describes each store and presents a gallery of images to tell their story. The showrooms follow the same monochromatic concept: colourful boxes where the walls, floor and ceilings in the same colour associated to the city that hosts them. The yellow showroom in Milan can be traced back to the famous yellow Milanese risotto, the nuance of the showroom in Paris is champagne coloured, the red showroom in Soho New York recalls the colour of the "I love NY" logo, the turquoise showroom in Manila is reminiscent of the intense colour of the sea and sky in the Philippines, beige tones to Rome which refers to the facades of the buildings in tufa and travertine and again blue for Brussels.