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Contradictory Combinations
Cappellini is reinventing its absolute contemporary style at Milan Design Week, to be held in April 2017.
From graphic to products, from installations to materials, it’s a matching game of juxtapositions between
distant aesthetic languages asserting the dedication of the brand to most recent trends of fashion design,
art and communication.
Faraway worlds joined by their free spirit, a rational chaos hiding a subtle and literate coherence. The
communication designed by Antonio Facco is a tale of surreal landscapes with unusual perspective made
of landscape drawings overlapping photographic pictures of the products.
Obvious references to the colours of Luis Barragan and Henry Rousseau in the magical outdoor installation
populated by animals and plants. The magic of dreams draws a parallel between East and West cultures, a
contrast reprised in the products combining with ease the pure and ironic lines of Nendo, Jumpei and Iori
Tamaki together with the clean and sharp signs of Bakery Studio.
Giulio Cappellini illustrates the 2017 Collection at Cappellini Point blending accuracy and passion in a
rotation of neutral shades and blaze of colours and decorations. Unusual yet measured combinations
making balance a priority over an entirely matching yet unimaginative look.
A wide variety of materials celebrating freedom of expression, some borrowed from faraway worlds of
interior design, others blending industrial products and high-quality craftsmanship hang in balance between
future and restoration of the past.
Constant innovation and will to be amazed are thoroughly encoded in the DNA of Cappellini that has
always been on the path of customization and today more than ever before customers are asking for the
fullest possible degree of freedom to express their customs and traditions.
Within the showroom in Via S.Cecilia, the company reinvented dwelling according to its own principles of
freedom blending graphic pieces with products popping out with their warm and modern palette of colours.
Green and orange shades matching with nonchalance natural colours such as beige and sand. A clear
evidence of how the products by Cappellini are ready to turn any place around the world in a sophisticated
and cosmopolitan home. Contrasting combinations represent the freedom of contemporary culture distant
from stereotypes that don’t belong in the world anymore.