From the 17th of April to June in the milanese showroom of Santa Cecilia 4 will be held CAPPELLINI GOES GIPSY, the second act wanted by Giulio Cappellini in collaboration with Valentina Folli, narrating the versatility of CAPPELLINI’s collections.
Around the world in eight spaces, full of folk references and conceptual souvenirs evoking just as many inspirations.
A journey through the most evocative and deeply-rooted cultures in the world defining a new nomadism.
Within a total stylistic freedom, new dwelling interpretations are born.
The curtain opens on “Cappellini goes Gipsy”, the second episode of the format created by the brand of design made in Italy to tell, through a series of evocative representations, the versatility of the company’s furniture collections. Held from the 17th of April, the day of the opening of the Salone del Mobile 2018, it will be on display till June inside the spaces of Cappellini’s showroom in Via Santa Cecilia, Milan.
“After Cappellini goes Barocco – says the architect Giulio Cappellini – we are presenting Cappellini goes Gipsy, another interpretation of our kaleidoscopic ways of thinking interior design through our furniture. Goes Barocco was drawn from a historical time which was rich in colours and decorations while Goes Gipsy tells about a multicultural path visiting many different parts of the world. This is the nomad home of a traveller who loves to be contaminated by different cultures, often far away but capable of stirring emotions. Goes Gipsy is a hymn to the end user who loves mixing products and different moods with nonchalance”.
“Cappellini goes Gipsy” is a cross-cutting path starting from a reference to the vintage mood of the legendary routes and continuing with a series of evocative images. Drawing inspiration from styles, colours and customs of eight different cultures, Cappellini showcases an eclectic experience made of just as many settings combining contaminations between present and past, West and East, interior design and décor. A style which is set-free to express the new attitude towards aesthetic nomadism combining with nonchalance products and moods to animate a kaleidoscope of emotions.
A sensorial path takes shapes through Cappellini’s collections which are interpreted by designer and scenographer Valentina Folli, decontextualized on a geographical scale and captured in instants of domestic life pushed to the limit of the absurd. The rigorous and hyper-contemporary forms of the company’s projects discover a new identity within the combination of different expressions of the folk culture. A conceptual experience redeeming the most fascinating aspect of the kitsch culture through the theme of the souvenir: each room is a collection of objects, memories and images of an imaginary journey.
Eight settings to stir emotions and embark on an intellectual journey towards the discovery of new dwelling interpretations. The path begins with the sunny and relaxing experience of MEDITERRANEO, between fishermen’s villages and natural conviviality: the spontaneity of lunch outdoor and the pleasure of a siesta during midday heat in a mix of forms and chromatic gradations ranging from light blue to neutral tones, weaving together indoor and outdoor moods.
Continuing with the landscapes of NORTH AMERICA: a wide space evoking the endless horizon of desert routes set the stage for a series of furniture marked by sculptural and monolithic forms, in a clear reference to the evocative rock formations of the Monument Valley as well as to the totems of the Navajo culture still inhabiting this area. A journey on the road combining the iconic gas pumps of Route 66 with artifacts of Native American tradition. The formal linearity of the décor by Cappellini cohabits with nonchalance with the pop-folk language.
The tale dedicated to AFRICA is essential but with a great personality. The setting is inspired by the colours of the earth contrasting with the loud and lively fabrics that animate the primordial sculptural forms of the seats by Cappellini marked by the purity of the materials (wood, lava stone, black soil) and by the craftsmanship applied to serial production like for some armchairs. The manufacturing component of Cappellini’s collections recalls the patterns of wax fabrics, anthropomorphic forms of wooden masks, the textures of carpets. The powerful and profound magic of the Black continent enters the domestic dimension and suggest a neotribal style.
Next, it’s time for the COLORFUL ASIA recalling the hyper-coloured images of Asian cultures, from India to Thailand and China. The deep shades of burgundy, indigo and yellow support a multitude of forms, decorations, details. The living room alternates a sensual and relaxing dimension to the frantic suggestions of an Eastern metropolis, interpreted by a street-food corner defined by a waterfall of lanterns. In a conceptual contrast, favouring pastel and sand colours, the destructured lines of the seats and the atmosphere of the Bedouin village set the stage for the MIDDLE EAST: a barely hinted tent narrates a magic suspended in time.
Colours are back as vivid as ever in the space dedicated to SOUTH AMERICA. The patterns of Peruvian fabrics and floral compositions of Mexican and Amerindian cultures draw the mood of a traditional holiday celebrating the joy of conviviality. Festoon lights, piñatas, blooming plants complete the naïf exuberance of the Latin world in a chromatic explosion of bright colours. Decorative elements assume a more solemn and sober connotation in the display dedicated to JAPAN, suggesting the intimacy of a private setting like a bedroom. The pop prints from the manga culture are reduced to minimalism to meet with the Zen aesthetic of the millenary tradition of the samurai and evoke ancient rituals. In a constant game of colour combinations, the seats favour a horizontal style, decorative elements are light and linear, sometimes sinuous and enveloping, resting in dedicated corners as if it was the entrance to a magical “Ghibli” ryokan.
The project Cappellini Goes Gipsy ends in the gallery of showcases looking on Via San Damiano: a setting evoking the TRANSIBERIAN experience. From far-eastern Russia to Mongolia, the uncontaminated and far-away cultures of the Northern regions of Asia reveal themselves through hall carpets, decorated doors and fur details. In this scenery evoking the atmosphere of a yurt tent and the intrinsic nature of nomadism, seats and decorative elements are stylistically uncoordinated to suggest the different cultures of this region meeting in the choice of an orange shade of red as a leitmotif.
A series of scenic elements contribute to animate the mood and takes part in the game of sensorial contaminations. Sounds, neon signs, billboards and vintage images invite the visitor to delve into the representation and inspire him a new-found freedom of composition. A scene with a Polaroid effect. The attention for graphic design is also visible on the logo of the project reproducing, in a layering of textures, the word Gipsy on the windows of Cappellini’s showroom.