On the occasion of Imm Cologne 2018 – The International Interiors Show, CAPPELLINI presents a selection of its most recent products. As seen at the last design week in Milan, the Italian brand plays with combinations and juxtapositions of multiple aesthetic languages, often conflicting with each other, but confirming the attention of the brand towards the most innovative expressions of interior design, fashion, art and communication.


The space where CAPPELLINI is displaying its products evokes metaphysical architecture, populated by animals and plants immersed in dreamlike atmospheres from great tales and painted with a vibrant alternation of pastel shades. A perfect setting for the colour palette of the furniture that in 2018 reminds Flemish paintings, from Van Dyck to Rubens. Alternating dark and bright colours, from light blue to burgundy red, from dull orange to warm beige.


The Mill Home sofa by Giulio Cappellini and Hobo Contract by Werner Aisslinger & Tina Bunyaprasit stand out in the collection: contemporary upholstered furniture adjusting to different functions and architecture contests. For public and private spaces, Embroidery Simple, an essential decorative evolution of the Embroidery chair designed by Johan Lindstèn. For the international allure, the Stay table by Fermè and the matching Normal leather seats that can be combined with any type of tabletop thanks to their formal rigour.


Glossy lacquered finishing and endless original colours, Easy and Flexi Container are a series of cabinets to be used alone or in combination for the living room, bedrooms and office.

What clearly emerges is absolute expressive freedom and the harmony of contrasts that contribute to creating cozy and contemporary rooms, ready to furnish homes worldwide.




MILL HOME / designer: Giulio Cappellini


Giulio Cappellini thought about the Couchsurfing of the Millennials around the world while designing this system of upholstered seats with removable covers featuring clean and soft lines. The basic elements can be freely combined with beanbags, backrests and armrests of different sizes and heights, central and double sided allowing different composition fitting any space and need. A flexibility heightened by the broad palette of finishing, solid colours for the sofa and many diversified patterns for pillows, from the geometric animalier to stripes and batik.


HOBO CONTRACT designer: Tina Bunyaprasit & Werner Aisslinger


Same versatility and endless combinations for the Contract version, with a reduced depth of the seat compared to the Home sofa.


EMBROIDERY SIMPLE / designer: Johan Lindstèn


Simple and versatile refinement features in this enveloping and soft looking seat. The comfortable backrest forming a convex semicircle rests on a curvilinear and swivel base available in a broad range of colors, in fabric or leather from the Cappellini collection. An exotic and ironic version with a large embroidery of a tiger on the backrest completes the series.


STAY / designer: Fermè


Lightweight at the sight, robust in the structure. The Stay table features a precious marble top in white Statuario or black Marquinia other than fine wood to combine with thin legs made of tapered tubes of lacquered steel available in white or black with matte or chrome finishing.


NORMAL / designer : Studio Cappellini


Rigor and romanticism: accurate design meets emotion aesthetics in this new seat without armrest, characterized by a delicate rose in full bloom embroidered in countless shades of pink and green on the backrest. Available in leathers from the Cappellini collection.


EASY / designer : Studio Cappellini


Series of 20 low and high cabinets for the living room, with doors, drawers or open compartments, characterized by an extreme visual lightness. Different closing tops are available: lacquerd, veneers, marble or lacquered crystal.

FLEXI CONTAINER / designer : Studio Cappellini


Flexi Container is a series of cabinets that can be used alone or in combination; they are available lacquered or veneered, with leaf and flap doors, drawers and open partitions and are suitable for the living area, the sleeping area and the office. Elements allow both freestanding, on adjustable feet or metal base, and hanging compositions. Composable elements can have the inside in macroter lacquer or in melamine desert color and the top both of 0.50 and 0.75 inches thick; compositions offered already complete have the inside in melamine desert color only; their tops are available only 0.50 inches thick. The entire range is available in two depths, 17.75 inches and 23.50 inches (hanging elements 11.75 inches and 17.75 inches only) and can be completed by several kinds of handles.


LUCE / designer: Giulio Cappellini & Antonio Facco


A combination of knowledge, creativity and sensitivity, experimenting with new possibilities of material in compliance with the simplicity of design. Volumes enhanced by transparency, colours and shades of refractions in this new table collection of different heights made of extra-clear stained laminated glass available in three sizes.


DRUM TEEN/ designer Mac Stopa


A new version reduced in size for the acclaimed armchair introduced last year and inspired by hexagonal electric drums from the 1980s. A new element enriching a collection which already comprises the large seat, a table and a beanbag available in two different sizes. Stating the strong personality of its geometric lines each piece can be used individually or combined in modular combinations of multiple shapes for an unconventional space definition. Among the several upholstery available in the collection, the rock-and-roll colours such as turquoise, orange, yellow, white and black are the best fit for the Drum armchair.


KOEDA / designer: Nendo


Metallic cloth hanger with the shape of a parallelepiped with open lines and precise geometry fragmented by an irregular hanging branch. A full base sharply defines the space but doesn’t weigh down the color that may be solid or combined in alternation with black, white, pale shades of blue, pink and ecru.