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  • Year 2017
  • Year of production2017

For the contract world, Giulio Cappellini was inspired by new generations and their neo-nomadism in this series of modular seating system with a 75 cm depth, offering the possibility to create different compositions fitting large reception spaces. The padded system comprises sofas, end pieces, central and double sided, angular and beanbags with backrests, armrests available in two different heights. Covers are available with fabrics from the collection other than leather, suede and stretch fabric warp-knit patented Sensitive(r) Fabrics made by Eurojersey.


CAT. A - Phill

CAT. A - Tele

CAT. A - Trame

CAT. B - Bielastico Sensitive

CAT. B - Laser J

CAT. B - Matt

CAT. C - Feltro

CAT. C - Grit

CAT. C - Revive 1

CAT. C - Umami

CAT. C - Umami 3

CAT. C - Stamskin Zen

CAT. D - Hallingdal 2

CAT. D - Harald 2

CAT. D - Landsacape

CAT. D - Panno

CAT. D - Steelcut Trio

CAT. E - Coda

CAT. E - Hero

CAT. E - Master

CAT. E1 - Optik

CAT. E1 - Small dot

CAT. G - Pelle/Leather

CAT. G2 - Pelle Extra/Leather Extra

CAT. G2 - Pelle Soft/Leather Soft

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