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  • Year of production2016

It was the spirit of adaptation to the sudden changes of the contemporary world that inspired Fabio Novembre to design the Adaptation collection. A striking visual impact marks this project that plays with an optical illusion formed by the oblique line of the backrest, simulating a falling effect. A variable legs system of different heights and a cushion gradually growing in size make the seat base perfectly parallel to ground level ensuring a comfortable position to the user. Sofa and armchair are available in fabric and leather in the following contrast finishes enhancing the object geometries: black, white, grey, red, burgundy, air force blue and cloud.


CAT. A - Canvas

CAT. A - Phill

CAT. A - Trame

CAT. B - Laser J

CAT. B - Matt

CAT. C - Feltro

CAT. C - Grit

CAT. C - Revive 1

CAT. C - Umami

CAT. C - Umami 3

CAT. B - Ecopelle

CAT. D - Hallingdal 2

CAT. D - Harald 2

CAT. D - Panno

CAT. D - Steelcut Trio

CAT. E - Coda

CAT. E - Hero

CAT. E - Master

CAT. G - Pelle/Leather

CAT. G2 - Pelle Extra/Leather Extra

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