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  • Year 2012

The idea behind the Lace Metal lamp came while visiting a Swedish metal working factory called Häfla Bruk, one of Sweden's oldest companies, established in 1682. When Fuwl visited them, they had just come up with a new technique of manufacturing steel mesh with gradient sized holes. This struck them as very poetic, resembling textile or lace. They immediately felt the desire to make a lamp with this material, since it has great characteristics as a lampshade as small holes that cover the light source, gradually get bigger to diffuse the light in a beautiful way. The result is a lamp made out of metal that has a look of lightness and fragility, a very nice contrast: the gradient holes add to this feeling, diffusing the light in an atmospheric way. Another good thing about the production of the lamp is that no waste materials are produced. The colors presented are black and white matt lacquered.

Lace Metal
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